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International Trademark Associations’s Practitioner’s Checklist for “Trademark Creation”

Zaida Lugo Lovatón has co-authored INTA’s practioner’s checklist for trademark creation. The checklist is a helpful training and management tool that covers procedures for performing particular tasks or functions. The checklist illustrates the order in which relevant actions and other steps should be taken. The checklist is part of INTA’s resources offered to its members.  

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The Protection of Internet Copyright in the Dominican Republic

By: Jose Alejandro Santana


The advances in technology have helped to promote the creation of intellectual works by mankind, and at the same time have become a threat to copyright and its mechanisms for protection.

A proof of this is one of the most used technological and telecommunications media, which has allowed communications between PCs anywhere on the planet: Internet. Although authors have benefited of this global network with the spread of their intellectual works,