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BUFETE LUGO LOVATON, is an intellectual property law firm in the Dominican Republic, that gathers the practice of lawyer Zaida Lugo, with a wide International Trademark Portfolio in Dominican Republic, extensive IP prosecution and litigation experience, as well as a wide portfolio of local clients, from sectors such as pharmacy, advertising agencies, food and drink industry, textile industry, alcohol and beer products, cosmetics, and copyright holders.

Trademark prosecution
Advertising and marketing advice
Consumer protection practice
Franchising, licensing and foreign investment practice
Regulatory issues
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Managing partner is widely endorsed by sources, who enthuse that “she is a renowned professional in the IP field.” Her involvement spans advertising law and consumer protection matters, with additional expertise in unfair competition issues.

Zaida Lugo Lovaton, Managing Partner

Our Firm also has the largest Advertising Law practice in Dominican Republic providing counselling services regarding advertising materials, copyright licensing, sweepstakes and promotions; we handle all copyright claims and litigation; and we conduct periodical trainings to agencies’ key account managers and production departments. Over the years, the Firm has represented clients in landmark cases introducing new and innovative points of law; some of which have helped carved the legal precedents and common law of the TMO office and the Courts.

The success of our customers, to a large extent, determines ours.

  • Capacity
  • Determination
  • Honesty

To be more experienced professionals every date, determined to offer our clients accurate solutions, within the strictest framework of integrity.

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